Old Swinford Hospital School

Client: OSH
Agency: Core Marketing
Art Director:James McMullan
Creative director Kay Cadman
Photography: Isaac Newman

The Brief

Old Swinford Hospital is a state maintained boarding school located in Oldswinford, near Stourbridge in the West Midlands. Founded by Thomas Foley, an ironmaster, MP and landowner from Worcestershire, the school first opened its doors to pupils in the late summer of 1670.

The school felt that their visual appeal was dated and they wanted to make their website less static and more attractive to both parents and their children. Their primary focus was to attract potential boarders and their parents to the school. OSH wanted to capitalise on some currently under-utilised opportunities, in line with the start of the school’s new headmaster.

The school felt that the current prospectus was dated and need reinvigorating in line with the new brand which received great feedback from governors, teachers, pupils and parents.As an integral and exceedingly important tool, Core were tasked with creating a prospectus which was not only visually attractive and informative but also one which was consistent with the overall project and the clients’ primary goal in attracting prospective boarders to attend the school in the upcoming academic year.

OSH welcome.jpg
OSH-effect layer.jpg